So, what does Eleven:11 Even

Let's just go ahead and start with this question, because it's probably the most frequent one we get asked.

There are quite a few reasons for the name, and there are quite a few meanings for the number 11-11. Here are a few of our favorites:

When you see the number it's the universes way of telling you that you are on the right path and doing the right thing. It's a call of action to manifest your positive thoughts and continue to have a positive mental attitude. For this reason, many make a wish when seeing it. It's a symbol of a new beginning. A symbol of courage, strength, ambition, creativity, self-development, happiness, and fulfillment. 

And well, we thought that's pretty darn suiting when it comes to weddings. 


We consider ourselves documentary photographers first, and portrait photographers second. All of the wedding images you'll find on our site come from real weddings. We've never done a styled shoot. We don't believe in faking it. We never ask you to re-enact things or 'pretend' for the camera. We'll capture those moments as they truly happen. We believe in the real. We believe in family. We believe in love. We believe in being honest. And if that involves taking time to visit your grandpa in the nursing home because he can't make it to the church. Or making a stop at the cemetery to tell dad how much you wish he could be there to walk you down the aisle. We'll be there. 

Our approach to portrait time is to keep it natural and relaxed, documenting real interactions between the two of you. 

We wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world. Every weekend we're reminded again and again how much photography means to us and how much it means to others. We promise to show up and give every bit of ourselves to you. This life is fleeting and we want to help you remember just a small piece of it. Photos that not only you can look back on, but your family and friends. Your children and grandchildren one day. Wedding days are crazy, they are filled with so many emotions and moments for everyone involved, and we want to help you remember it all. If interested in having us document your day, please contact us using the form below, we'd love to hear from you. 

incorporate personal details into their wedding day.

aren't afraid to get a little dirty. (or a lot, that makes shit easier.)

write their own vows. 

are willing to take the risk for an outdoor wedding.

aren't afraid to cut a rug. (for those that don't dance, we still love you.)

believe that the day isn't just the 'bride's day' but also the groom's.

or the bride + bride's day. or groom + groom's. because love is love.

trust us to do what we do.



This is usually the spot where photographers tell you all of their accomplishments, features, and publications. While we are grateful to have had our work shared and published across many platforms, and are thankful to be worthy of recognition for what we do, it's not what is important to us. We don't really believe in contests, awards, or bragging. In an industry that has become obsessed with creating photos for instagram or what will look best in their portfolio, we're shooting for you and no one else.  Our goal is to make you happy. We're still proud of those features, but we're way more proud of our five star reviews from our couples. You can read those reviews here.



Do you offer family photos?

Do you offer a photo booth?


So you'll travel?

HOW/When do I BOOK? Price?


Do you have office hours?

Yes + Yes. If your venue requires proof of liability insurance, we are moe than happy to provide that.

Hmm, how to put it into words. Well, first we pride ourselves on capturing moments as they truly happen. We don't ask you to do anything that isn't you. Portrait time, our goal is to capture who you are + your bond with one another. Our editing has just a touch of the film look, but we still want your photos to look true to your day. We don't want them to look dated in a few years due to editing trends. Check out our galleries to get a better idea of our style. And we're always happy to share full galleries, just ask!

No. We personally specialize in photography and do not feel like we would be able to provide you with quality photo coverage if doing both. We can, however, provide some great recommendations if you would like! Choosing a videographer that works in a similar fashion to us will give you the best quality of coverage.

No, we stopped doing family sessions a few years ago. (Or maternity, senior photos, newborns, etc.) We're focusing on what we love, which is - well- love. If you are two people in love and want a session, feel free to reach out to us, but our wedding clients get first dibs on portrait time slots. - Oh! also Christy does boudoir and you can check that out here.

We do! Our booth is an open air, studio-style booth. Which means it's not the little one that you climb inside of. It's all self-contained and operated by guests, with a backdrop of your choice. We have an attendant that sets up and monitors it while we are documenting your day. It prints unlimited 4x6 prints for your guests to take home and includes on online gallery to share as well. Pricing is available on our detailed wedding guide.

Yes. We love when people truly make their wedding their own. Whether that's traveling to a far off destination, eloping at the courthouse, or getting married in a hot air balloon, etc (we've documented all of the above.) Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we'd love to hear more about your plans.

Yes, absolutely. If you're getting married outside of the Cincinnati area, we'll come to you. We do multiple travel/destination weddings a year. We have all-inclusive pricing within the continental US, so it's actually more affordable than you might think. And offer great deals on weddings outside of the country. Please reach out if interested. We'd be more than happy to set up a skype or facetime call. 

Weddings can sometimes book pretty far in advance. We'd recommend reaching out as soon as possible if interested. It's common for venues to get booked and then the photographer. If interested in our services, please contact us below and we'll provide you with a detailed pricing guide.

Yes, we do not contract out other photographers or have associates. You get us, Christy + Josh

We're trying really hard this year to set aside hours for ourselves. Owning a small business is hard, y'all. We are available for meetings and engagement sessions Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, evenings included. We are closed Sundays and Mondays (usually, but you'll probably still find us working). We prep, scout, edit on Fridays. And we spend our Saturdays hanging out with really awesome people and documenting their love. 

Do You Have insurance and Backup Equipmment?

How would you describe your style?

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