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We are Christy Akemon and Josh Kramer. We're located in Cincinnati, OH. We are (finally able to say!) a husband and wife team. We recently got married after almost 11 years together. We live in St Bernard, to be specific, with our pup Lily who is a 4.5 lb yorkie. Our studio is located in Elmwood about a mile from our home. We've been doing this photography thing for almost 7 years now.

Here's 11 facts about us:

1. We live in an over-100-year-old Victorian home. We love the character and charm of it, but old houses can be a ton of work!

2. We love donuts. Our Saturday morning routine, before weddings, usually consists of hitting up Bonomini in Northside or Holtmans in OTR.

3. We were recently SCUBA certifited.

4. We have a lot of tattoos. But don't worry, we'll cover them for your ceremony. The focus should be on you, not us.

5. We love thrift store and antique mall shopping.

6. We're both the oldest child in our families. We've also both sadly lost younger siblings, so we know the pain of losing a close family member. 

7. We love Skyline Chili and eat it more than any human probably should.

8. We love to travel. (But who doesn't, right?!) 

9. We're officially in our 30's, but if people assume we're 20-something, we'll totally take it.

10. We got a great deal on an RV from Josh's grandma and have driven it across this beautiful country of ours, and hope to do it again soon.

11. We're so excited that you've taken the time to check out our work and get to know us.

1. I'm grew up in Harrison, OH. I was born and raised in that same town. I love the small town, country feel of Harrison but I'm a city girl at heart and had to move closer to downtown.

2. I studied photography in college but didn't do it for many years after. I think I lacked the confidence to put myself out there. I started a career as a hair stylist but knew that photography was my dream. I had to relearn a lot when I decided to take a go at it once again and here we are.

3. A few things I love: Joshy (he looooves when I call him that), Sephora, reading, energy drinks (I know they are so bad but I just can't do coffee), anything with peanut butter, sugar cookies, chapstick. I have the worst dry skin. Ugh.

4. I have 5 siblings. One of which is my twin sister, Misty. We're fraternal and don't really look alike. She's 4'9" and I'm 5'7".

5. My wardrobe consists of mostly black, but my favorite color is actually mustard yellow.

6. I love shoes and own way too many pairs.

7. I'm a pretty picky eater, but have tried to broaden my food horizons the past couple of years. I'm also a horrible cook.

8. I'm obsessed with plants. 

9. I love craft and diy projects and recently completed my first quilt!

10. I'm a big fan of documentaries.

11. I recently got my motorcycle license!

1. I'm from Norwood, OH.

2. I got my start in photography when I attended DAAP at UC for industrial design, where I took a few photo classes. I ended up falling into a career in IT as an Apple technician where I worked for 12 years before leaving to do photography full time with Christy.

3. A few things I love: Christy, sweet tea, headblade (if you're a bald dude, look into it), graeters ice cream, mexican food, anything with peanut butter, busken smiley face cookies, art history.

4. I'm not really into games, but I usually always win at cards against humanity.

5. My favorite color is army green.

6. I'm allergic to cats (and a ton of other things, I should probably never leave my house.) I'm currently getting weekly shots, that will hopefully help!

7. I've been a vegetarian since I was 5. Once I learned where meat came from, I just couldn't eat it anymore.

8. I play the bass guitar.

9. I have 2 motorcycles. A Ducati and an older Honda.

10. I have never drank alcohol.

11. When I was younger, I called California home for awhile. My grandma still lives there and we try and visit as much as we can.

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