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I truly believe that every single woman should experience a boudoir session at least once in their life. It's okay to step outside of that comfort zone and treat yourself. You deserve to feel beautiful and to document the way you look. Right now. At this exact moment.


this ain't your typical boudoir shoot. 
This shit is real.
This shit is sexy.

I'm Christy and I'll be your photographer. And that's me over there in the photo laying in the bathtub, right before my wedding, and being reeeeal vulnerable. I was nervous as hell getting those photos done, and super nervous sharing a photo like that of myself. But fuck it is an empowering experience.  

Most people know me as one half of a wife & husband wedding photo team, but I'm the one who does this whole boudoir thing. I'm 37 years old. I know what it's like to battle body image issues. I know what it's like to see your body change over the years. I know as women we beat ourselves up about our image. I also know we sometimes have those days where we feel pretty fucking awesome too. I want to give you one of those days, and take some pics while we're at it.

I truly think every woman is beautiful. I believe really strongly in body positivity and embracing that beautiful body that does so much for us. 

I'm emotional and feel a little too deeply sometimes. 
I'm a hugger. 
I'm a dog mom.
I'm an oldest sister.
I'm ready to be your bff and biggest cheerleader through this process.

We have a 1500 sq ft studio and are located in the Cincinnati suburb of Elmwood, just outside of St Bernard and Northside. (With a second 1500 sq ft studio coming soon! We're gonna have so much variety!)

We shoot only in our studio. We've worked hard to create a beautiful and comfortable space that gets the most amazing light. We've decked out our white brick space with some modern furniture and a shit ton of plants. It's a touch urban, a touch modern, and just a little bit of boho. While the bones are always the same, we do switch up the decor here and there to add some variety to each session! 

We've created a space where we can control the light to give you a wide variety of images. Ranging from the lighter side to give you some clean, pretty images - to some real dark and moody ones too.

We're a team of girls that want to give you an amazing experience and some badass images that you can walk away with. Even if no one else in the entire world sees these images, you did this for you. 

A little about your photographer.

A little about The experience.


Absolutely! I'd love to still provide a boudoir session for you! I photograph a lot of brides and it makes no difference to me if I am the one photographing your wedding or not. 

"I'm getting married soon but someone else is photographing my wedding. Will you still do my boudoir session?"


Due to being a wedding photographer full time, I try to set a few dates aside every few months for boudoir sessions. These are typically on Sundays and Mondays. Be sure to join our email list to be notified when booking opens for the next available dates, please fill out the contact form below or the subscribe section at the bottom of the page! These sessions are limited availability and our list gets first dibs, so hop on it!

"When do you do sessions?"


Just me, Christy. There's usually a few girls in the studio helping me out. While there are a ton of great male boudoir photographers out there, no males are present. Josh, my husband and partner for weddings does not photograph boudoir with me. Or have anything to do with it. So if you are a future bride of ours, don't worry Josh will never see your images. 

"Who exactly will be photographing me?"


Our turnaround time is about two weeks. If you are trying to have images by a certain date say for a wedding and/or anniversary and the next boudoir dates doesn't work for you, please reach out.

"How long does it take to get images back?"


Only if you let me! :) I understand keeping your images private and you are more than welcome to do so. If you are comfortable letting me share your images, I always greatly appreciate it. I couldn't book clients if I didn't have any work to show!

"Will you share my images online?"


I want you to see your beautiful self as you truly are. I do minimal retouching on photos. I'll absolutely retouch blemishes, bruises, etc. I don't like to remove birth marks or stretch marks. This is about embracing your true self. I won't liquefy your body or "make you look skinnier." I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

"How much retouching do you do?"


We have an in-house make-up artist that we love. She's amazing and she's gonna make you look and feel bomb. We recommend just a soft curl/body for your hair. All sessions include make-up. There is no discount if you opt-out of make-up, but if you prefer to do your own or have someone else do it, please let us know. We believe getting pampered and relaxing at the beginning of your session  is part of the whole experience. 

"Do you offer hair & make-up?"


Yes, but you by no means need to get naked to be beautiful. Want to get a little risque? I am completely comfortable if you want to take it off! There's a whole lot of beauty in being vulnerable. 

"Do you offer nude photography?"


That's completely normal! But don't worry, I'll be there the whole way coaching you and helping you. The biggest compliment that girls can give me after their session is that it was actually fun! and so much easier than they thought.

"I've never done this before and am so nervous?"


Once you decide to book, we'll send over a detailed pdf with a ton of additional info for your session! If you are interested or have any additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me on the form below. Thank you! 

"What should I bring/wear?"


2021 Pricing  + Availability coming soon 

We're gearing up for an awesome year!

More dates, more options, bigger studio!

join our mailing list to be notified for what's in store for 2021!  

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