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The info page

A little about how we work, our approach to weddings, pricing, + faq can be found here. 


We consider ourselves documentary photographers first, and portrait photographers second. 

We don't believe in faking it. We will never ask you to re-enact things or 'pretend' for the camera. We'll capture all the moments as they truly happen. We believe in the real. We believe in family. We believe in love. We believe in being honest. And if that involves taking time to visit your grandpa in the nursing home because he can't make it to the church. Or making a stop at the cemetery to tell dad how much you wish he could be there to walk you down the aisle. We'll be there. 

Our approach to portrait time is to keep it natural and relaxed, documenting real interactions between the two of you. 

We wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world. Every weekend we're reminded again and again how much photography means to us and how much it means to others. We promise to show up and give every bit of ourselves to you. This life is fleeting and we want to help you remember just a small piece of it. Photos that not only you can look back on, but your family and friends. Your children and grandchildren one day. Wedding days are crazy, they are filled with so many emotions and moments for everyone involved, and we want to help you remember it all. If interested in having us document your day, please contact us using the form below, we'd love to hear from you. 

real results

"Words can not express how thankful my husband and I are that we had Josh & Christy

 My husband and I are rather camera shy people, but they made the entire process more like hanging with old friends, which made everything effortless! Seeing our photos, I cried all over again- reminiscing about the moments they captured. I should also mention that I am in the wedding industry myself and can attest to their incredible level of professionalism, warmth of personality & attention to detail which sets them apart from the rest. Seriously, my favorites in this industry. Do not hesitate to hire them! If it were possible to give more than 5 stars, I would.

- cynthia, bride + mua


"Christy and Josh are exactly who you want with you on any big day.

They did our wedding, and they are such sweet people. They weren't obtrusive at all, yet still managed to capture every detail of our day. They were organized, professional, creative and insightful. They instinctively knew what we wanted. Honestly, they were easily the best "vendor" we worked with for our wedding.

- meghan, bride


"Christy + Josh are like family. I cannot recommend them enough.

Eleven:11 photographed mine and my wife's wedding. It was an outdoor wedding and it started raining pretty significantly that day. They never missed a beat: they pulled out plastic bags to cover their cameras and kept shooting. Our pictures are absolutely breathtaking. They've shot my sister's wedding and mother's wedding, and are like family now. I cannot recommend them enough.

- michael, groom


"I was so lucky and blessed to have these two work their magic at our wedding. 

Not one moment was missed. They go above and beyond to not miss any detail. I've gone to several weddings since my own and I see how it's suppose to be done because my standards are so high since we worked with them and there's a lot of photographers that miss things or don't have the creativity that these two have. These guys are the ultimate photographer duo. Thanks again for making our day perfect!

- michelle, bride




Please reach out for a detailed pricing guide that goes over all of your options! 

All inclusive packages available for weddings outside of Cincinnati to make your planning as easy as possible. 

Starting at  $3870
Elopements starting at $1300


Couples Session

Couples and engagement sessions consist of a one hour session local to Cincinnati.

Travel fees may apply if outside of tri-state area.

Limited spots are available, wedding clients receive priority when booking. 


who we are


Capturing the moments as they truly happen.


Portraits that are real, relaxed, and natural.


Photos make you feel something rather than the perfect pose.




Say no more.

We're big fans of people doing what they truly want for their wedding day. Whether that's traveling to a far off destination, eloping at the courthouse, or getting married in a hot air balloon, etc (we've documented all of the above.)

We travel often for weddings. We have all-inclusive pricing within the continental US, so it's actually more affordable than you might think. And offer great deals on weddings outside of the country. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we'd love to hear more about your plans.


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Do you offer: 
Video, family photos, Boudoir, photobooth ??

No-ish, Yes, Yes, Yes

Videography : We do not currently offer video coverage, but have Super8 coverage coming soon! Please reach out if interested! 

Family Photos: We currently offer family sessions in studio only, twice per year! Reach out if you'd like to be added to our email list! 

Boudoir: Yes! See boudoir info here.

Photobooth: Yes!! See photobooth info here


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Do you deliver raw files?
Can we print our own photos?

Nope, and Yes, absolutely.

Curating and editing your image collection is part of the process. We try to keep our editing timeless and true to life, so you don't have to worry about them looking dated in a few years from trendy post processing. You'll receive a full finished product!

And you'll get to print them wherever you like and as big as you'd like. They are full resolution. 


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Do you have insurance and backup equipment?

Yup + Yup!

We carry multiple of everything on your day so we never have an issue if a technical problem arises. 

We also carry liability insurance as every business should. If your venue requires proof, just let us know, we are more than happy to provide that.


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Do you have an associate team?

We do!

It took us a really, really, really long time to find really amazing people to shoot under our brand. If we are not available, our associate team may be.

They are Heather + Kyle, and they trained with us for multiple years before officially taking on weddings of their own. We just hated saying no to so many amazing couples, so we brought them on to join our team. 

All editing is still down in house, and you'll still correspond with us through your planning process. 


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a little different than the rest.


+ because we've expirienced loss and know how incredibly important photos are.

+ because we're pretty much a 2 for one deal. 

+ because every moment is important. 

+ because we really fucking care.

plus more... 

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Reach out

Reach out and we'll send over a detailed pricing guide!


Consultation meeting

We'll set up a consultation to go over details, meet one another, & make sure we're all a great fit! 


Lock it in

After meeting, we'll send over everything needed to book us and lock it in! 

we may just be            you if...

you totally trust us to do what we do.

You want perfectly posed portraits.

love imperfect real moments + portraits.

You want multiple staged moments.

You like some structure to your day, 
but also want to let things happen as organically as possible.

we may          be for you if...

If you don't believe that black lives matter, if you don't believe in LGBTQ+ rights. 



You're day is planned down to the exact minute with no wiggle room.

You treat every person you meet with
love + respect. 

Let's be honest. Their photos are stunning and speak for themself. But these two amazing human beings are the kind of people you want to spend your entire wedding day with. 

- K + E