a lot of people find it odd when they find out that i shoot “nude” photos of women. a lot of people find it odd that women want to pose “nude” for photos. i’ve been meaning to write something on here for quite sometime now, because my reply to every person that asks me questions regarding this matter, is that i think every woman should do it at least once in there life. well then today i found this article reposted on a boudoir blog that i love (i’ll post more on that later), written by kat rosenfield. it explains it so well, that i really don’t have much more to add. so not only do i think every woman should pose nude, but also that every woman should read this article!!!!! click the link above to see it all. but here’s a couple excerpts from it: When it comes to taking naked pictures, the general consensus — among friends, family, and even our local same sex columnist — is that you MUST. NOT. DO IT…… What they don’t tell you? That posing nude isn’t necessarily risky… but it is exhilarating, exciting, and something every woman should do at least once before she turns 30. And while it might be initially nerve-wracking, it’s also one of the most interesting and worthwhile experiences I’ve ever had — so worthwhile that I firmly believe it belongs on the bucket list for any young woman, no matter what her shape, size, or level of confidence with her own naked body. Why should you take a photo or two in your birthday suit? Your body is beautiful. Really, it is. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re plump or slender, reedy or Rubenesque; your whole self — top to toe — deserves its day in the spotlight……. It’s a confidence boost……Basically, you are so much hotter than you think you are. It’s totally vain… and completely awesome. When it comes to balancing your busy life, you’re always being told to take care, take time out, and take one day a week to do something nice for yourself…. Sexiness optional. Naked photos don’t have to be porn-y…… you can still look completely sexy fully clothed! so when you’re ready to take the plunge, call me. :)