personal: our house

i just recently bought a fisheye lens!! i got the canon 15mm 2.8, super excited to use this lens for weddings this year. it does an amazing job of capturing the entire venue and reception area. speaking of weddings, i will once again be shooting with dolce vita photography this year as well as my own bookings. soooooo excited for this wedding season! it’s going to be a blast with all the girls from dolce vita. also, sooooooo stoked about all of the super cute and fun couples that are booked with eleven:11, can’t wait!!!

so, i was playing around with my new lens snapping some photos at home, and realized that i’ve never posted any photos of my humble abode. i live in an apt, but it def doesn’t feel like one, i absolutely love it. because it is a big open loft, i am able to do all of my studio shoots here! one day, i’ll have a huge studio, but until then i can’t complain lol.

over in the right hand corner is where my backgrounds are set up, it’s a little cluttered over there at the moment lol, as i’m trying to figure out the best way to store all of my photography equipment as well as the exercise equipment.

this little area is where i do most of my post processing 🙂