annie leibovitz & the iphone

now that i’m officially full time (read more about that here), i plan to start posting more frequently and not only photos….. but also links to interesting stuff, photography tips, things that are going on in my life, and other randomness here & there. 

first thing i want to share, is this article that josh recently read and shared with me about annie leibovitz and how she recommends the new iphone as “the snapshot camera of today.” i def love my iphone and love the camera on it (especially the new 4Gs!) DSLR’s are pretty darn heavy, so I’m pretty horrible about taking it with me places, that’s why i shoot a lot of stuff on my iphone & as the saying goes the best camera is the one that’s with you every day. 

with that being said, i also plan to share more with you guys by posting photos from my iphone to here as well! most likely they will be from instagram, and if you aren’t following me on there & would like to it’s @eleven11photo! 

here’s a shot from tonight when we went to see the cincinnati symphony orchestra at music hall!