wednesday randomness

in my efforts to post on a more regular basis, i’ll be posting every wednesday with random ramblings. it may be anything from photography advice, to what’s going on in my life at the moment, or even what i ate for dinner. hope you all are excited haha! 🙂

  i often get asked by people that are interested in photography if there are any websites i can recommend to learn from, the first one i always say is digital photography school . when i started getting back into photography after a way too long hiatus, this was the one i frequented most often. there are a ton of good tutorials on there!! i’ll be posting more amazing sites in the future!

josh + i went and saw the girl with the dragon tattoo the other night. highly, highly recommend it. i am now obsessed with the need to buy the books and read them. speaking of movies, i would also like to mention that i finally watched a christmas story the whole way through for the first time in my life. how have i gone 29 years without seeing it??!!

i’m just gonna go ahead & throw this out there now, (don’t worry i’ll remind you all again when warm weather comes), but one of my xmas gifts this year was a season pass to kings island (thanks dad!!), so if anyone out there wants to be my swimming buddy this summer you let me know! 🙂

and since posts aren’t as much fun without a picture, here is a photo from jessica + zack’s wedding a few months ago! i’ll be posting some favorites from 2011 really soon that haven’t made the blog yet, and a new website is in the works as well!! can’t wait for everyone to see it!