wednesday randomness – 2012 goals


i’m a huuuuge list person. i write everything down. josh always makes fun of me because he says i should just be putting reminders in my phone (which i do), but i have to physically write things down also. i have post-its and lists all over my house. i can’t help it. i like the satisfaction of crossing things off and feeling like i’m accomplishing something.

i hate all of the facebook posts i see lately smack talking everyone with new years resolutions. resolutions are only dumb if you have no intentions of even trying to make an effort to accomplish them. it’s been awhile since i’ve wrote some long term goals down, and what better time than the start of a new year.

this is some of my 2012 goals (i’m sure i’ll come up with more before too long, but this is a good start!)

  1. buy a house – josh + i came soooooo close to accomplishing this in 2011, but sadly it didn’t happen 🙁 we’re currently waiting to hear back on a short sale (we’ve been waiting 3 months now), so keep your fingers crossed, pray, wish upon a star, (whatever it is that you do) that we get it!!
  2. decorate said house – i cannot wait to do this, i’m sure i’ll post lots of pics when the time comes.
  3. launch a new website – it’s in the works!! hope to have it up by the end of january.
  4. get in shape – i know this is always everyone’s new years resolution, but i’m in the worst shape i’ve ever been in in my life right now & i plan on changing that.
  5. attend some photography workshops – you can never stop growing and learning in this industry & i hope to attend some workshops this year from some amazing photographers.
  6. continue to keep my natural hair color + let it grow – this may seem like an easy one, but i have a problem with coloring my hair. i think this one will be a little easier now that i’m no longer working in a salon, but i’ve been rocking my natural color for quite a few months now and hope to stick it out even longer so that i can grow my hair out and it will actually be healthy.
  7. learn to sew (better) + make a quilt – i keep telling josh i’m going to make a quilt for our new home before we move, well i have yet to start it, so i better get my butt in gear. i really want to learn more about sewing this year too, def only comfortable with the basics.
  8. learn to reupholster – i’ve been obsessed with reupholstering chairs lately. i’ve acquired a few lately that josh swears are ugly, but i just keep telling him to wait til i reupholster them, they’ll be amazing!! now i just need to learn how to do it haha.
  9. blog more – 2 days in a row aaand 2 in one day today. so far i’m on a roll! watch out!
  10. spend more time with family – pretty self explanatory
  11. take a vacation – it’s been waaaay too long since i’ve been on vacation, i’m going somewhere with a beach this year dammit.
  12. shoot more film – i’ve had film sitting in my fridge for years now (it lasts longer, i’m not crazy) and i keep saying i’m going to use it, going to push myself to shoot it soon. with the exception of polaroid, i haven’t shot film since i was in photography school probably about 9 years ago. not only am i going to shoot some, but i’m also going to blog it.
  13. shoot more personal work 
  14. become more organized – i pride myself on being pretty together, but i def have some room for improvement
  15. read more – i love to read. i went a long period of 2011 without picking up a book and need to change that. i started reading world war Z in October, i would have finished it by now except that i like to read in bed and i can’t read zombie stories before falling asleep or i’ll have nightmares. 
  16. print more photos – in this digital age it’s so easy to go without getting prints made, but there’s nothing like seeing a photo actually printed. it’s just different than on a moniter. i hope to print more photos this year and also encourage my clients to do the same.
  17. discover some new music
  18. discover some new photographers – i follow quite a few photographers, but there are soooo many out there. i love finding new, inspiring creative people.
  19. go on more dates with josh – ie. make josh take me on more dates. 🙂
  20. turn the big 3.0.!! – you read that right, i’m going to be thirty this year! aghhhhh! this may seem like one of those easy ones too, but as it slowly gets closer (september) not so sure how easy it will really be. i hope to become comfortable with the idea of turning 30 this year, and possibly even look forward to it.

if you’ve read this far, thank you! this may be my longest post to date!

what are your goals for 2012? I wish everyone the best of luck on accomplishing them!! stay positive + motivated!!