wednesday randomness

so i’ve been totally slacking when it comes to these posts. 🙁 i think i missed the last 2-3 wednesdays, but i promise i’m back on track!! 🙂

this past week has been a pretty amazing week. it you noticed my post from a few days ago, i got a new computer this week!! and not only that, but it was a total surprise! josh surprised me with it, have i mentioned that he’s the best boyfriend ever? i have been working off of my laptop for far too long, i’ve always had the seperate monitor (so no, i didn’t have to edit photos on my small laptop screen), but for as much work as i do the laptop just wasn’t able to keep up. it was unbelievably slow. i can’t get over how fast the new one is, i’m in love.

if you’ve ever read my about page, you may have noticed that i mention i love country music. don’t get me wrong, i seriously listen to soooo many different types of music it’s ridiculous, but i grew up on country and especially love the old stuff. one of my favorite singers of all time is loretta lynn. (i even have a loretta lynn tatoo!) well last saturday she played in indiana. as soon as i found out she was coming i was set on getting tickets, and when i went to buy them it was sold out! my heart hurt a little bit after finding that out. the woman is 79 years old so she probably doesn’t have too many years of touring left and i knew this might be my last chance to see her. well about an hour before her show this past saturday, josh’s friend (who happens to work at the venue) gave him a call to tell him he was able to get 2 tickets but we better hurry. needless to say, we hauled butt to get there. i can probably die happy now that i was able to see her perform. even at 79, she is still amazing. my only regret is that i know my grandma and josh’s mom really wanted to go see her too, so i wish they would have been there. mammaw + lee, i promise i’m buying us tickets the day they go on sale if she comes back this way! oh and by the way, did i mention i have the best boyfriend ever?! if he wouldn’t have mentioned to his friend that i really really wanted to go, we never would have gotten that phone call.

if you aren’t familiar with loretta lynn, she’s most famous for her song “coal miner’s daughter” but here is one of my favorites from her. there is also a movie titled “coal miner’s daughter” about her life, i recommend seeing it if you haven’t yet!


another awesome thing that happened this week, is that we heard back about the house we’ve been waiting on! we’ve been waiting on a short sale that we made an offer on about 4 months ago. we found out that although there were other offers on it, that ours was the best, so it’s the only one the seller’s bank is considering!! we still don’t have a definite answer as to whether or not it’s officially been accepted, but they said we should know any day now, so we are super excited and hoping that it all works out!

last but not least, the new website is soooo close to being finished. i’m working my little butt off to narrow down all of the images for it, there will be tons of new stuff on there that has never been seen. my goal was to have it done by the end of january but obviously was unable to make that happen. 🙁 buuuut, it shouldn’t be too, too long before it’s up!