wednesday randomness

so i obviously haven’t posted one of these in a few weeks, while my goal was to post every week, let’s just agree that these wednesday randomness posts will actually be random. 🙂

so, what’s new with me?? i’ve been busy lately with finishing up the new site! The hardest part is narrowing down images to a reasonable amount, it’s so hard to decide! I have so much stuff that I haven’t posted at all yet. soon though, very soon, it will be up.

i’ve been tuning into creativelive a lot lately, they have had some amazing workshops going on. creativelive is a website that hosts live photography workshops periodically that you can tune into and watch for free. i swear i’ve learned sooooo much in the past month, it’s crazy! if you are a photographer and haven’t checked out creativelive yet, i highly recommend you do!

we are stiiiiiiill waiting on the status of our house. if you’re new to this blog, we made an offer on a short sale back in october and are still waiting for the seller’s bank to accept our offer. while i absolutely love our apt. (you can see pictures of it here), we are def outgrowing it! i’ve always been the type of person that i hate to count my chickens before they hatch, so i don’t want to go into detail about the new place just incase, but it will def have more room for my photography.

so that’s about it. i’m so stoked on this amazing weather lately, it makes me so motivated to go shoot! can’t wait for some of the awesome sessions i have lined up in the next few weeks.

so, what’s new with you?