our house: our peddlers flea market finds

i can’t begin to tell you how clueless i was about how long moving in and getting settled would take. between painting rooms, ripping up carpet, unpacking, decorating, buying all the little things you don’t realize you need, trying to find things that work in a space that is completely different than your last (+ realizing how much of your old stuff just doesn’t work), the last month has been crazy and we’re still not even close to being done. for those of you new to this blog, we just recently bought our first home and moved in.

now i know this is a photography blog, but i’ve decided that i’m going to go ahead and share with you guys our journey of being new home owners, as well as our little home improvement projects along the way. there are so many photographers out there that share a ton of other things on their blogs besides just photography, but i also know that there are some people who choose to make an entirely seperate blog for their personal life from their business one. i, personally, just never quite understood the purpose of making 2 blogs. sure, not everyone cares what the hell is going on in our lives and are only here to see the pictures, which i can totally understand, so i figured they can just skip past these posts if they want!

i’ve already got some diy posts to put up for you guys soon, but let’s start this off with our trip this weekend to the peddlers flea market.

if you don’t know this yet, we are huge fans of antique malls, flea markets, thrift stores, etc. we ventured out this weekend hoping to find some stuff to decorate with. there wasn’t anything in particular that we were looking for but found some awesome deals at the peddlers market on saturday!

the chair was a ridiculous find for only $4!! and it’s in pretty awesome shape. now, i know most people are freaked out about buying furniture from second hand places. just so you are aware if your shopping at a thrift store, most furniture has been treated and will have a red tag on it if so. any furniture we ever buy though (just to be on the safe side!) gets throughly cleaned and sprayed before ever entering our house. we definitely take precautions!
the super cute, little vintage lamps were also a steal, and will probably make their way into our bedroom or guest room after we rewire them. the little jewelry case will go to the guest room for a little decoration. 
the mason jars will make their way to my office, where i already have some on my desk filled with buttons, pens, paper clips, etc. these are actually really large ones compared to any other ones i’ve seen, so i was pretty excited to find them.
the little medicine bottles and milk cans will go somewhere on our first floor for decoration, no clue where yet though! haha. josh wasn’t really a fan of the milk cans when i found them, but i love love love them! 
i also picked up a new vanity from an antique mall this weekend for my room, so the mirrored tray will go there. i’d been looking for one of these trays for awhile, but i’m kind of a cheapskate and could never bring myself to pay $30 for one. i had an old vanity that i picked up off craigslist a year or 2 ago (for only 20 bucks!), but it’s starting to fall apart some, so i finally broke down and got a new one which i’ll post about soon also. the old one is now in the guest room and may get a new paint job sometime in the future. 
the old gas can, fan, and fire extenguisher will go in the garage for decoration. josh is so stoked to finally have a garage to work on his motorcycles and you know do man stuff. we’ve had some old vintage metal signs for awhile, and some of those will be hanging out there too.

the whole bag of drawer pulls were such a good price, we bought them with no clue where we would even use them at. we actually ended up finding a spot for 12 of them on sunday when we tackled a little project for night stands for our room. that post coming soon!

i think we made out like bandits this weekend! it had been awhile since we’d been to the peddlers market and it’s just like most thrift stores/flea markets where it’s hit or miss, so we were stoked to find some awesome deals. 
where are some of your favorite thrifting/antiqueing spots in cincinnati?!

Peddlers Flea Market