alyce + joel : krippendorf lodge, cincinnati nature center

i can’t begin to describe to you how amazing this wedding was. this will definitely be my longest post i’ve ever done simply because there are so many things to include and it was so hard to decide which images to show (+ i’m still leaving parts out!)
i don’t know if it was the fact that the wedding took place outside and the reception was held under the stars, or that their first look took place in their own little private forest, or that it was a jewish wedding in which part of traditon includes the tish, which is when the girls and guys seperate before the ceremony and friends and family share stories and blessings with the bride and groom, or that studio z played alyce + joel’s same day edit video while everyone was lined up on the stairs of krippendorf lodge of the cincinnati nature center cuddled together watching the day’s events unfold, or that alyce + joel are just amazing people and you can’t help but feel something when you’re around them, but this wedding was absolutely perfect. 
to alyce + joel, i can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of your day. also, thank you to your friends and family for being so amazing and making us feel so welcome.