portraits: jamie + adam engagement

We started off jamie + adam’s engagement session at washington park and then headed to carew tower. How is it that I’d never been to the top of carew before?! It’s one of those things that I kept saying for years I wanted to do, but just never got around to it. If you haven’t been, you should definitley make some time to do so. We then finished up at roebling bridge.

I used to work with both jamie + adam at pump salon. Jamie was a receptionist and has since moved on, but adam is still a stylist there. He works at the rookwood commons location and he’s freaking awesome. Go see him if you are in current need of a new stylist.

Oh and by the way, jamie just so happens to have a super awesome lifestyle blog called the lady and the beard. She covers everything from fashion + make-up to her adventures planning her wedding. I’m sure tons of you ladies out there will be able to relate!