wednesday randomness

we have been sooooooo busy lately. its absolutely insane. things are finally starting to slow down a little bit (still heaps and heaps of editing to do though). i like to think of it as the eye of the storm. we have a small break this month with only a couple weddings before things start to pick back up again next month and then are insane once fall hits. we are going to try and take full advantage this month and try to do some summertime activities as well as get some work done around the house.

i also have a ton of posts to share with you guys! we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to travel quite a bit so far this year, so i have some travel pics to show you. As well as some personal posts, weddings, portraits, house tour pics, etc.

on a completely unrelated note, we just recently bought a juicer. it came in the mail yesterday. we’re super excited about it. (as nerdy as that sounds.) we’ve really been trying to live a healthier lifestyle lately, so we’re going to give juicing a try. if you haven’t yet seen ‘fat, sick, and nearly dead‘ you absolutely need to check it out! its on netflix. its a documentary about the health benefits of juicing and it will change your life. we’re going to try and do a cleansing fast for a week or two but are waiting until later this month to start. we don’t want to give it a go on a week that we have a wedding, as we’ve read the beginning can be a little rough. everyone says that you feel absolutely amazing though after. i’ll have to let you know how it goes.

we also starting a garden this year, so we’re growing some of our own fruits and veggies. if you happen to follow me on instagram you may have seen some of the photos.

to add some more randomness to this post, here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • my middle name is lynn.
  • i’m super blind without my contacts or glasses.
  • my sisters and i all wear a simple silver band on one of our fingers (that we’ve never taken off) that our grandpa gave us for xmas over 15 years ago. 

a few random things about josh:

  • his middle name is anthony.
  • he’ll be turning 33 this month.
  • he’s doing way better at this whole being healthier thing than i am, and has lost quite a bit of weight. (since jan he’s lost 60 lbs, i’ve lost 12)

well folks, until next time!

OH!! PS. we’ve fiiiinally added printing to our photo booth!! yay! i’ll be posting updated pricing and more info here soon. i’ll also be sending out an email to all current clients. if you have any questions at all in the meantime, please feel free to contact me!