timeline. timeline. timeline.

alright people. I’m about to keep it real.
we’ve had a few weddings so far this year that were crazy stressful. 
the reason being is that we literally only had minutes to shoot portraits of the bride and groom. now sometimes things happen, such as weather, or delays that cause changes to occur to the overall plan for the day. it happens. but a lot of it has been planning issues. the thing about it is that it is probably my fault. 
when we meet with clients for a consultation, without ever knowing if they will even book with us, I give them a packet that includes timeline info. we explain to them the best options for planning their day whether they choose to see each other or not before the ceremony, and how much time we suggest that they set aside for portraits. maybe I’m not expressing to them how important having enough time will be. I let every client know that I’m here if they need me if there are any questions or concerns when it comes to the timeline. use me people! I’m here for you.
we’re not asking you to set aside 3,4,5 hours for photos like many others often do. but we are asking for more than 10 minutes. 
wedding days are long, and not only physically exhausting, but mentally as well. you have to be on top of your game and constantly aware of your surroundings trying to capture every little moment and detail possible. having time during the portrait session lets us take a breath. we want to have time to look at the light around us and soak in the environment and produce amazing portraits for you. because let’s be serious, these are probably the most important shots for you. these are the ones you’ll frame and put on your walls. its hard to get creative when you literally have 2 minutes. we are with you guys all day, take advantage of it! please allow us enough time to do our thing. 
it’s overwhelming, extremely humbling, and makes my heart hurt just thinking about how much the images that we take and pour so much of ourselves into, means to people. josh and I often joke about how we may care more about your photos than you even do. it means that much to us. 
*disclaimer: if you are a recent client that had a tight timeline recently, we want to apologize if we weren’t vocal enough. we love all of you and we still were able to rock out some amazing images! we just want to educate those in the future!