erica + monte : post family farm, michigan

Shortly after their wedding, Erica left this comment on our FB page.

I just wanted to brag a little bit about how AMAZING Josh and Christy are! 
They did our wedding pictures in Michigan over this summer. Josh is a long time friend of my new husband but I had the privilege of meeting them both for the 1st time two days before our wedding. It felt like I knew them my whole life. Not only are they EXTREMELY creative and original in their photography but they are also equally compassionate and personable. It made the experience an amazing memory for both me and my family. I would recommend Eleven:11 photography to ANYONE who wanted more than beautiful, GORGEOUS and original pictures but also new friends. Thank you so much Christy and Josh- we hope to see you soon. 

I normally don’t include stuff like this on our site or in our posts because I’ve always felt like photographers that do that are just trying to brag or something. I don’t know, I’ve just felt like it was showing off in a way. But I wanted to include it here because not only did I want to mention how much Erica’s comment meant to me, it almost made me cry, but to also explain how much it meant to us that we got the opportunity to be there a few days early. This was the 3rd wedding this year that we got to travel out of town for. Not only is it cool to be shooting in a new location and fun to travel, but the really awesome thing for us about traveling for weddings is that we usually get there a few days early. (You know to make sure we don’t run into any unexpected travel delays, etc.) But the BEST thing about that is that we get to spend time with the bride and groom and their families before the wedding. Like Erica mentioned in her comment, Josh has been friends with Monte for quite some time, but I had only met him a few times. There were a few other friends at the wedding that we knew well, but we had never met Erica or her or Monte’s families. Their family and friends were so incredibly kind and welcomed us with open arms. We truly felt like we had known them forever. It was amazing to be a part of their day. We are always so humbled when people choose us to come into their lives and document a time that is so important to them. Thank you all for having us.
Here is the story of Erica and Monte’s day. 

It started pouring just as we were about to leave for the venue. Luckily it didn’t last long.
So I don’t know the exact rules to this or what it’s really even called but while the girls were getting pretty, the guys were participating in something that is popular in Erica’s dad’s neck of the woods. It consists of going out into a field, hitting golf balls and then shooting them with guns. Whatever you wanna call it, it looked like a ton of fun.
Monte’s dad played the ceremony music. 
Just a little side note, Erica and Monte chose to get married on her parents anniversary. Eric and Sue celebrated their 28th anniversary this day. I love these next photos of them.
Monte’s parents John and Eve looking on.
I always tell Josh that if we ever live somewhere with a bunch of land, that one of the first things I’m buying is a miniature goat. How cute is this guy?!
Venue: Post Family Farm // Hudsonville, MI