megan + kyle : dublin community church + cosi

megan + kyle were married in columbus at the dublin community church and then celebrated afterwards at cosi!

megan’s maid of honor had this drawing made for her. she sent in pictures of megan, her dress, veil, and how she would have her hair done to an artist. what an awesome gift!
megan’s mom said that when they built their house, she had the stairway made this way just for this specific image of her daughter on her wedding day. cindy i hope this picture is exactly what you envisioned! 
see that pic on the right. that’s actually megan + kyle’s reception tents! they could see them from the hotel they were staying in.
i followed everyone into the next room while they were waiting for guests to leave and ended up getting pics of the guys ringing the bell. in the meantime josh went outside to grab photos of the church and heard the bell start ringing, so he was able to grab pics of the bell itself.
cocktail hour was held inside because of the chance of rain, which ended up working out perfectly because guests were able to play with all of the cool stuff that cosi has!
once guests headed outside to the tents, megan + kyle were announced in.
a few pics from their photo booth:
this next photo is megan’s brother and dad. (and then her brother and mom). right after taking this shot, a guest standing next to me turned and said, “i bet you’ve been waiting all night for that picture.” now i’m not sure if he was serious or joking, but i said, “yes, yes i was.” moments like these are the photos that melt my heart and make me love documenting weddings. these types of photos are also just one of the many reasons that we do all day coverage too. if we left immediately after the cake cutting like many photographers do, we wouldn’t have caputred these or the following dance photos.
these may be my favorite reception photos yet. the guys had the dj play a series of boy band songs and everyone in the place was singing along. then this happened. everyone down on one knee singing to megan. the first pic is josh’s view. the next two were mine. 
late night snack brought in. a surprise from kyle to megan:
who needs props when you’ve got wendy’s?