weekly randomness : northside parade + independence day

i hope everyone had an amazing weekend! we spent our 4th of july going to the northside parade. even though we’ve lived in or very near to northside for the past number of years, we’ve never had the chance to make it to the parade. we were excited to finally get the chance to witness it! here are a few photos from the parade! 
*all of these images were shot with our fuji x100s‘.
one of the coolest things about the parade was that the last “float” was a giant dance party. everyone joined in and then made their way down to the rock n’ roll carnival at the end of the street.
we headed over to some friends’ place to finish out the night with a cookout and to let off some fireworks.
guys + fireworks = dangerous
yeah, don’t be jealous of our badass patriotic outfits. 🙂