some black + white film

back when i was in photography school, about 10 years ago, everything was still shot on film. digital cameras were only available to high end photographers. so i learned everything about photography each 35mm roll at a time. it’s been years since i’ve shot some film but i’ve been wanting to for a wedding for a long time now. however, i wanted my first attempts to be at a wedding that wasn’t my own. this way i didn’t have any worries about missing shots or anything like that. i could just hangout with no pressure. my friends, sadie + jess, let me tag along with them for one of their weddings in january.
 i hung out for a few hours and shot 2 rolls of film this day. a color and a black + white roll of ilford 3200. i used two old 35mm cameras that i had never used before. (i planned to test them before this day, but you know how that goes!) well the camera that had the color roll didn’t work properly so that roll didn’t develop correctly. i didn’t find this out until i (tried) to get it developed. i was soooo bummed! literally the whole roll was just black. but i knew it was a possibility and am glad at least one of the rolls turned out!
josh + i are trying to make film a bigger part of our lives, and hopefully, eventually a part of our wedding coverage too. there’s just something about it that you can never replicate with digital.
i have another post coming soon of some medium format film we shot recently. 
Here’s just a few images from J+D’s wedding at Wiedemann Hill Mansion. 
Check out the awesome ladies that are sadie + jess to see their gorgeous pics from this day.