newborn lifestyle : angie + chris = campbell louise

i don’t do newborn sessions too often. with our crazy wedding season, i often refer them out to people. but there are definitely times when i make an exception.

i don’t remember how old i was the first time that i entered this house, but i do know that i was playing nintendo with chris and his sister sarah when i was there. this house holds so many memories for me growing up, it was thee place to hang all through middle and high school for all of our friends. chris bought the house from his dad years later and i actually moved into this house to become his and sarah’s roommate. it was in this house where at one of our many parties, angie came with some friends and chris and her met for the first time. it’s in this house that they got married. and then welcomed their baby girl, campbell. i can only imagine the memories they’ve already made and the ones to come for them.

chris + ang, i love you guys so much. thank you for allowing me to do these photos for you. campbell is absolutely perfect.