Yeah Field Trip 2015

earlier this past year we got to spend a week camping and learning from some of the most amazing people ever at yeah field trip. i’ve been meaning to post these photos for awhile, but as life goes, you get busy and stuff falls on the back burner. i’m so excited to finally share these with you! we didn’t shoot a whole lot that week, instead just soaking everything in, but here are a few images that we snapped.

at field trip…..

we got to sleep in some pretty awesome tents,

and take classes (in nature and yurts) and learn from some amazing photographers, 
take evening walks and watch sunsets on the beach, 
spend evenings hanging out, having dance parties, and eating cereal from a van,
we got to shoot some medium format film (for the first time!) thanks to indie film lab, (following images all film) 
we modeled(!! talk about scary) for a class taught by the super rad amelia lyon (following images taken by her.)
there were lots of fun activities,
classes got so crazy that you just had to tear the club up, 
participated in the biggest group photo we’ve ever seen and then hung out on the beach, 
and said our final goodbyes.
i can’t recommend it enough. can’t wait to see old friends and meet all of the new in 2016. see you guys in el capitan canyon!!