Happy Holidays!! – A Self Portrait

we had big plans to go out and take some cool, wintery photos for our christmas cards this year, but the time slipped away from us. we’ve been so busy this past month trying to get caught up on fall weddings and also battled the worst sinus infections ever for almost three weeks(!). we were going to skip pics/cards all together, but last minute on christmas morning, i convinced josh to do some quick photos with me in our dining room. i made a quick flower crown (and cute little boutineirre for josh!) out of some holiday florals off our dining room table, that were left over from a shoot the week before. we gathered up a bunch of candles, put on some fancy clothes, and set up the tripod. with the help of my little sister, we snapped just a few quick pics. because why not?! one of my biggest goals going into 2017 is to document our life more and take some more self portraits. josh and i have been together now for over 8 years and its kind of embarrassing how little photos we have of ourselves. we’re just not “selfie” people and rarely take them. we’ve been a little better the past couple of years, but hoping to really change it this coming year. 

here are our christmas self portraits! thank you to everyone that sent us cards this year in the mail! i’m so sad that we didn’t get any out this year. i promise next year we will be better. 🙂 happy holidays to all of you and thank you for helping make 2016 such an amazing year for us.

so much love, 
christy, josh, and lily