Our Wedding Videos: Tulum, Mexico + Cin, OH

After photographing literally hundreds of weddings, it was finally our turn. On March 29th of this year, after almost 11 years together, we finally got married! We’ve experienced weddings of all shapes and sizes and we always knew we wanted to do a small destination wedding. We landed on Tulum Mexico for numerous reasons. And spent a week there with just our immediate families. We knew we wanted our ceremony to be special. We aren’t religious, instead we wanted something that focused on our connection to nature and the earth and something that incorporated our family members into it. We stumbled upon Charlie who does these magical Mayan style ceremonies in Tulum. Here is our wedding video from that day, done by our very close friend Ricky Willis.

Even though we wanted our ceremony to be small and intimate, we didn’t want to give up the ‘reception’ part of weddings. Being in one room, for one night, with all of the people that you love. So a few weeks later on April 20th we threw a have a huge party for all of our extended family and friends to come celebrate with us. We truly wanted it to feel like just a ridiclous party. (All of the traditional wedding stuff we did in Tulum.) So we ordered a shit ton of pizzas, root beer kegs, tons of drinks, made a pinãta, rented a mechanical bull, got an ice cream truck and had the most perfect night with everyone. Here is our video from that night done by our friends Hunter and Light .

We’ll be sharing all of our wedding photos soon and a little more about our planning process!


Florals: Katie’s Blooms
Josh’s Suit: Etro Suit from Mr. Porter
Christy’s Dress:Rue de Sine
Photographer in Tulum: Brooke Davis
Tulum Venue: Aqua Viva Tulum
Tulum Dinner Venue: Humo Tulum
Tulum Makeup Artist: Styling Trio

Venue: Hamilton County Fairgrounds
Plants: Katies Blooms
Photo and Video: Hunter and Light
Food: Pizza Adriaticos Ice Cream from Ice Cream Truck Cincinnati
Makeup: Cynthia with Art of Makeup Collective
Venue Rentals: Academy Rentals
DJ: Scott Sosnoski