our house: diy chair makeover

I’ve been meaning to share a bunch of our recent diy/home improvement projects and I’ve totally been slacking on this (as usual, right?) So to get the momentum going with these posts, I wanted to share a quick and easy one that I recently did. As most of you may know by now, I’m a big fan a thrift store shopping. I recently picked up a chair for $5 from the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store by my house.

Now this little makeover is nothing new, tutorials like this have been shared a million times before, it’s pretty easy and probably doesn’t even need an explanation at all, but I still wanted to share.

Well, this thing was pretty ugly and the seat was actually pretty gross. This project only took me a couple of hours to do and that’s really only because I had to wait for the chair to dry between paint coats.

First, I unscrewed the seat from the chair. I then gave the chair a quick sanding just to roughen it up a little which helps the paint stick.

I recently picked up a cheap gallon of white semi-gloss paint from Home Depot. I use spray paint a lot for projects but I feel like it often takes quite a few cans to get the job done, so I finally picked up a gallon that I could use for these smaller projects without having to worry about running out of spray paint. It took three coats of paint but if the chair didn’t have so many nooks and crannies I think I could have gotten away with two.

Next, I removed the cover from the chair. I used a small pair of needle nose pliers to pry out some of the staples. Once I had a section of the cover loose, it was easy to just pull up on the cloth and the staples would come out, so I didn’t have to sit and pry every single one.

I then used some fabric that I had left over from a quilt that I’m making, to recover the seat. (I picked this fabric up from Hobby Lobby a few months ago.) I put in some poli-fill to give the seat a little more cushion, then used the old cloth as a template to cut the new one. Then just restapled it back on. Lastly, all that was left to do was rescrew the seat back onto the chair.

Voila. Pretty new chair.

This chair will probably end up in one of our spare bedrooms. It may even be used in an upcoming boudoir marathon that I’ll be having next weekend, which by the way, I believe we have one or two spots left. If interested and would like some more information, you can contact me here.