wedding planning: some helpful advice from yours truly

I like to think that over the past few years I’ve learned a few things about the massive undertaking that is wedding planning and the wedding world in general. I’d love to start sharing some of those things with you. Every wedding is different, as they should be, so feel free to take anything I say with a grain of salt. I’m no expert by any means. I also truly believe that your wedding should be personal to you, so do what you feel is right for your day. Buuuut, hopefully there may be a few tidbits here and there that could help you along the way!

Some of the advice I hope to share may be things I’ve learned from my owning personal experience shooting weddings, some may be things that I’ve found online that I think would be great to share, and some may be websites that I think are great for brides. 
One thing that is really crucial to planning a wedding, is planning the timeline for your day. If you happen to be one of my clients, then I’ve already gone over this with you extensively. If not, be sure to talk to your wedding photographer if they haven’t talked to you about this yet. A great thing that can help with planning your timeline is knowing exactly when the sun will be setting on your actual wedding day. This way you can plan accordingly to make sure you have enough daylight for photos, especially if you will be doing the majority of them after the ceremony. This site is awesome for figuring this out.
There are a million wedding sites out there, and believe me I’m addicted to a ton of them. One of my favorites, by far, is A Practical Wedding. The name really does say it all because they are one of the only sites that I’ve came across that shares some really real practical advice for planning your wedding, instead of just pretty pictures. They even have advice for living life as a married couple after the wedding is done and over. If you haven’t yet seen this site, I defintiely recommend checking it out. 
If you haven’t yet checked out our new website, ummm you totally should. If you ventured over to the contact page at all, you may have noticed that I now include a link to follow me on Pinterest. (There’s also a link at the top of this page, but it’s not quite as noticable.) What girl isn’t a fan of pinterest, right? And what bride doesn’t have a wedding board started? Well, I too have a board dedicated to wedding/party ideas. Hey, not everyone that reads this blog is a bride, so these ideas could totally be used for a party as well. I try to pin creative ideas that I find, that may not be something that is normally seen. Please feel free to follow me on there!
Stay tuned for more ideas and advice to come!