mandy + adam : longworth hall

you know how sometimes you just meet people that you instantly love and you feel like you’ve known them forever. that’s how we feel about these two. congratulations once again mandy + adam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day. 
side note: the veil hanging on mandy’s parents front door is actually the one her mom wore on her wedding day, exactly 28 years before mandy + adam’s. 
 adam had a custom poster screen printed when he proposed to mandy. it’s definitely one of the coolest proposals, i’ve seen. the details of their wedding are based aound that poster.
ps. you can view mandy + adam’s engagement session here
 adam + his dad went and got a straight razor shave before meeting up with all the guys at terry’s turf club for lunch.
 adam is a shoe guy. one of his friends hand painted these nike’s for him.
 these may just be may favorite first look photos ever.

how ridiculously gorgeous are mandy’s eyes? seriously.
i am 100% stealing this guest book idea if i ever get married one day. 
the coolest wedding invitations ever. adam is a graphic designer, so he designed everything. if any of you are looking for someone to desing your invites, let me know, i’ll give you his info!
 he designed all of the posters too.
 stealing a moment alone before they are announced in. (i spotted them from the 2nd floor)
 these dance photos do these guys absolutely no justice. if i were giving out superlatives today, mandy + adam would be cleaning house. they also had, hands down, the best dancers at their reception. 
mandy’s parents. their 28th wedding anniversary.
just like angi + nathan, mandy + adam had a final dance at the end of the night, when everyone had cleared out. just the two of them.