11 random things you don’t know about me…

i keep seeing these all over facebook the last couple of days, and while i usually don’t ever participate in these, i figured it might be fun to do one on the blog.

all of the ones that i’ve seen are all different amounts. 3 things about me, 9 things about me, etc. i figured we might as well stick with 11.

if you’ve never checked out our about page, you can find some random facts about josh and i there. but here’s 11 more about me, just for you.

#1. speaking of our about page. you’ll notice that it says that i have 8 siblings, well one of them is no longer here physically. but he’s always in our hearts and our thoughts. i was almost 16 when he left us, and he was almost 4. he would be 18 right now.

ps. maybe one day i’ll write a post about the crazy dynamics of my family if anyone is ever curious.

#2. i’m addicted to carmex. it’s the superior chapstick.

#3. i recently cut bangs…. and i pretty much hate them. except on the days when they cooperate with me, but that is rare. damn cowlicks.

4. my office currently looks like a tornado hit it. there’s just not enough hours in the day. anyone know of any cheap maid services?!

5. i took all AP classes in high school, and for years thought that i would one day be a psychiatrist.

6. i wear a size 10 shoe. my feet are huge. it sucks because no one that i know wears the same size as me, so none of my sisters/girl friends could ever share with me.

7. i worked at gold star chili for almost 3 yrs in, and immediately following, high school. i used to think it was superior to skyline. what the hell was i ever thinking.

8. waffles, pancakes, or french toast? ummm, french toast absolutely.

9. i think i will always, always worry whether or not a client likes their pictures. even if i personally love the pics, even if i’ve shot for the client multiple times before, even though i’ve been doing this for long enough now that i probably shouldn’t still feel that way. but without fail, every time i deliver something, i still always worry and hope that they love their pictures.

10. we just got back from a trip across the country!! we started in california and drove back in an RV, stopping along the way. i will definitely be doing a blog post with lots of pics. josh and i took my 17 yr old brother, dakota, and my 16 yr old sister, erin with us. (if you follow me on instagram you may have seen a few pics.) it was amazing.

ps. if you are waiting for images to be loaded to your viewing gallery, they are coming. it was impossible for me to upload while on the road. (although i tried!). thank you all for your patience!

11. i still have to pinch myself sometimes because i can’t believe that i get to do what i love sooooo much for a living. (although it is a ton of hard work!) i’m still so unbelievably grateful, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to express that enough. so thank you!