newborn : anna

my portrait sessions have definitely been put on the back burner the past year or so when it comes to blog posts. i knew that i blogged weddings more than anything, but didn’t realize until recently how long it’s actually been since i shared a newborn session (or family session, or boudoir session.) so i’m going to be posting a lot of these over the next few weeks.

i’ve been getting a ton of newborn inquiries lately. i can’t tell you how happy it makes me that i get to document such an important part of people’s lives. but everytime i get an inquiry for one, i feel like i have to make a disclaimer to clients before hand. i want them to fully know what type of newborn photography i do. (which i realise, if i was posting more newborn sessions, i wouldn’t have to explain this to anyone.) i just don’t want people to expect something different. when it comes to newborn photos, i love documentary/lifestyle shots. these are the photos taken with family, mom, and dad, etc. these are the natural photos of just normal life.

i also love natural pretty portraits. i like simple posing. what does this mean? it means that i’m not the type of photographer that does the crazy poses with babies. (you know the head on the hands, the baby hanging in something, etc.) most people don’t realize that these images are actually composites, which means they are two images merged together in photoshop to make one. now, don’t get me wrong, i can completely understand why people like these types of photos so much, but personally that’s just not my style. i’m not a composite type of photographer. if the baby can’t do something naturally, i’m not going to pretend like it can. i’m also not a heavy props photographer. i don’t mind incorporating a prop or two in the photos, but i’m not the photographer that shows up with an array of props and backdrops to choose from. i arrive with my posing beanbag, a variety of fabrics and blankets, some headbands/hats, etc. and that’s it, and we utilize things you may also have.
i felt like i just needed to throw all of this info out there. i always want to make sure people know what they are getting. (which, by the way, if you are looking for a posey/proppy photographer, i am always more than happy to recommend some amazing photographers in the area.) i’ve come to realize that i just need to embrace that my style may be a little bit different than that.
sorry about that long wall of text.
without further ado, this is baby anna.
anna’s aunts getting her dressed.
because even the crying pictures are cute.