erica + dylan : american sign museum

we knew we loved erica + dylan from the jump. here are a few reasons why.
we briefly met them at lisa + alex’s wedding, and any friend of theirs is a friend of ours. 
they like donuts even more than we do, which is hard to beat. 
they are hilarious.
they told us they were getting married at the sign museum, which is one of the coolest venues ever.
josh and dylan dig a lot of the same bands. 
their wedding day hashtag is #roommates4life.
they are just so down to earth. and good people.

day was so fun. the kind of day that your face hurts at the end of it
from smiling and laughing so much. thank you guys for letting us be
there to witness it. here is the story of the day erica and dylan got


Catering: Chef’s Choice
Donuts (instead of Cake): Holtman’s