Leah + Michael : Backyard Wedding

these two are close friends of ours.

they were
married on a friends property. the early forecast called for rain but
then changed as they day progressed. it said the skies would be clear
come ceremony time. well despite the weather saying no rain, still ten
minutes prior, that quickly changed. leah and michael didn’t let the
rain deter them from having the wedding that they wanted. and while it
slowed to a stop during the ceremony, it started right back up during
their portraits. once again, they just went with it. despite not being
able to see the rain in all of their images, it was coming down. we love
when people are willing to take the risks to get a little wet and

thank you guys once again for allowing us to be a
part of your day. we love you so much. here is the story of the day
leah + michael became husband + wife.

lighting of the unity (roman) candle:
it was a little windy. luckily this guy has quick reflexes: