newborn lifestyle : jessie + brad = leo marshall

November 12, 2015

 a few months ago i got to meet this little guy shortly after he arrived in this world. jessie + brad, thanks for having me over and for once again allowing me to document such an amazing moment in your lives. love you guys.  *a side note about our style of newborn photography: i believe […]

newborn lifestyle : angie + chris = campbell louise

August 31, 2015

i don’t do newborn sessions too often. with our crazy wedding season, i often refer them out to people. but there are definitely times when i make an exception. i don’t remember how old i was the first time that i entered this house, but i do know that i was playing nintendo with chris […]

newborn : corey jo

May 27, 2014

these are corey jo’s newborn photos. you can see her maternity photos here and birth photos here.

newborn : anna

April 8, 2014

my portrait sessions have definitely been put on the back burner the past year or so when it comes to blog posts. i knew that i blogged weddings more than anything, but didn’t realize until recently how long it’s actually been since i shared a newborn session (or family session, or boudoir session.) so i’m […]

one photo

October 16, 2012

i’m going to start posting a new series. this series consists of only one photo. why only one? well, as hard as i try, i don’t always get to post or blog all of my sessions or weddings. but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to share them with you. sometimes time just doesn’t allow […]

portrait: rilynn

January 6, 2012

here’s just a few from rilynn’s recent newborn session! she’s soooo cute! big brother vinnie trying to calm her down.

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