weekly randomness : gardening, graduating, and bathroom chaos

July 14, 2014

this little series used to be known as wednesday randomness, but i’m changing it to weekly. in an attempt to post more often. these randomness posts are just updates about what we’ve been up to lately, things i may love at the moment, thoughts, etc. so let’s dive in, shall we. i planted a small […]

weekly randomness : northside parade + independence day

July 7, 2014

i hope everyone had an amazing weekend! we spent our 4th of july going to the northside parade. even though we’ve lived in or very near to northside for the past number of years, we’ve never had the chance to make it to the parade. we were excited to finally get the chance to witness […]

Wednesday Randomness

March 12, 2014

it’s been a long time since i’ve done one of these posts! it’s actually been quite awhile since i’ve posted in general (over a month! agh!). we took some much needed time this past month to take a vacation, and to work on projects for the upcoming year, as well as get all of our […]

11 random things you don’t know about me…

November 15, 2013

i keep seeing these all over facebook the last couple of days, and while i usually don’t ever participate in these, i figured it might be fun to do one on the blog. all of the ones that i’ve seen are all different amounts. 3 things about me, 9 things about me, etc. i figured […]

wednesday randomness

July 3, 2013

we have been sooooooo busy lately. its absolutely insane. things are finally starting to slow down a little bit (still heaps and heaps of editing to do though). i like to think of it as the eye of the storm. we have a small break this month with only a couple weddings before things start […]

wednesday randomness

February 21, 2013

Hey guys! I’ve been slacking a little bit this month with my posts, I’ve been working hard on getting a 2012 wedding post together and getting our website up so I apologize for the lull of activity the past few weeks! If you’re new to this blog, wednesday randomness posts are just that, completely random […]

2012 goals revisited

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!! I know everyone is getting those new years resolutions ready. Before I post my 2013 goals, I wanted to go back and revisit my 2012 list with you guys and talk about some of the things I managed to accomplish this year aaaand the ones that didn’t happen so much.  1.  buy […]

wednesday randomness

August 30, 2012

it’s been a loooong time since i’ve done one of these posts. honestly, i’ve been slacking in general this summer about posting. not only is it full blown wedding season, but with us moving into a new house and all of the work it entails, along with everything else life throws at you, i have […]

wednesday randomness

February 29, 2012

so i obviously haven’t posted one of these in a few weeks, while my goal was to post every week, let’s just agree that these wednesday randomness posts will actually be random. 🙂 so, what’s new with me?? i’ve been busy lately with finishing up the new site! The hardest part is narrowing down images […]

wednesday randomness

February 2, 2012

so i’ve been totally slacking when it comes to these posts. 🙁 i think i missed the last 2-3 wednesdays, but i promise i’m back on track!! 🙂 this past week has been a pretty amazing week. it you noticed my post from a few days ago, i got a new computer this week!! and […]

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